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Julia Chowdhury, MD, FACOG -  - Board Certified OB/GYN

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Julia Chowdhury, MD, FACOG

Board Certified OB/GYN located in Plano, TX

As a leading OB/Gyn and Desi female doctor in the greater Dallas area, Dr. Chowdhury is sensitive to all cultural backgrounds. She offers complete obstetric care and services throughout the entire pregnancy. She welcomes any questions and concerns throughout pregnancy and utilizes Patient Portal for easy communication.

Prenatal Care Q & A

How Do I Choose an Obstetrician? 

Choosing the physician who attend to you and your growing child during pregnancy, known as an obstetrician or OB/GYN, is extremely important. Obstetricians are skilled to evaluate a number of women’s health conditions in addition to treating any obstacles which may occur during labor and the development of the pregnancy. When deciding on an OB/GYN, locating a physician who makes you feel relaxed and has the adequate training necessary is vital to ensuring the pregnancy progresses smoothly. Arranging a consultation with the physician can assist you to determine if you feel comfortable and assist you to become acquainted with their education and style. During the consultation asking questions is very important, especially regarding preexisting illnesses or concerns which you may have like diabetes and regarding any requests or particular directions you may have for the labor and delivery.

How Can I Ensure a Healthy Pregnancy?

Continuing with a safe level of activity and healthy eating habits can make a huge impact throughout pregnancy. When pregnant, the developing child and the mother are receiving vitamins and nutrients through the same source so it is crucial to eat healthy foods which are full of important ingredients. Vitamin supplements can also be helpful however women should only take them under the obstetrician’s orders. Remember that supplements such as prenatal vitamins do not substitute a balanced diet but work together with one. Moderate activity can also keep the body healthy and strong and you should follow the suggestions of the doctor. 

What Happens During the Prenatal Evaluation?

The consultation or exam will include many routine health checkup procedures such as blood work, weight recording, blood pressure collecting, and obtaining urine samples. As the pregnancy goes on, the physician will observe the child’s heart rate as well as yours and he or she will typically conduct an ultrasound to observe the baby’s development. Prenatal checkups will go on during the entire pregnancy and up to delivery.

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